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A Smart Communications Platform for Businesses & Consumers

For businesses of all sizes, Ooma provides advanced voice and collaboration features, as well as copper/POTS line replacement solutions. For consumers, Ooma’s residential phone service provides PureVoice HD voice quality, advanced functionality, and integration with mobile devices.

More than 90% of Ooma revenue is recurring, delivered via the cloud from our unique multi-tenant SaaS platform. Our subscription business began with consumers in 2009 and extended to small office commercial applications in 2013. We continue to target small businesses, but our capabilities have scaled significantly and now also serve large enterprise installations. Business use has grown to provide most of our services revenue, and we expect it to continue to expand to a larger majority of our revenue. We continually refine our unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions to provide the industry’s best customer economics while delivering subscription and services gross margin of more than 70%.

Ooma’s services are highly ranked by our customers with top scores for 10+ years in surveys by PC Mag and a leading consumer research publication.

Ooma Office Essentials serves small and medium-sized businesses with a suite of capabilities at an affordable price. For businesses that require even more, Ooma provides Office Pro and Office Pro Plus with features that include secure HD video meetings, call recording, enhanced call blocking, voicemail transcription and enterprise applications integration.

For businesses with unique requirements, Ooma Enterprise provides highly customizable, flexible, and scalable solutions.

Ooma AirDial brings cloud service to safety, security and legacy telephony. Analog copper-wire infrastructure, also known as plain old telephone service (POTS), is reaching obsolescence. This “copper sunset” creates a significant challenge for maintaining safety devices and business-critical systems that traditionally required a POTS line. AirDial provides replacement for POTS lines with virtual analog phone services and data connections through a wireless network.

Ooma Telo is a complete home communications solution designed to serve as the primary phone line delivering high-quality voice communications, advanced calling features and connected services not offered by traditional landlines. Ooma Telo also delivers an innovative security and monitoring solution to provide do-it-yourself home security and awareness via mobile app and sensors connecting wirelessly to the Telo system.

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